For the first time there will be a possibility for all international readers and followers to make a wish. Pick a favorite trade catalog and I will scan it and publish it on the website for you.

One of the big issues before establishing the website was if it would be a .com or .no internet address. After evaluations with some friends they said it was better with a .no address because I would probably not reach so many international readers/followers. But now around 60 percent of all Google search are from abroad. Unfortunately my English sucks, so I will continue to write in Norwegian – though I am Swedish.

Royal Copenhagen trade catalog from the 60´s packed with ceramics designed by Axel Salto among others. (Foto: Mats Linder)

By the way. Still many readers dont know they can use Google translate on the website. Please do if you are interested in other articles. First use the search field and then translate into your own language.

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To honor all international readers I want you to make a wish among trade catalogs in this article. The only thing that is necessary is to write your wish in the comments field below this article. Also Norwegian followers can come with wishes 🙂

Hans-Agne Jakobsson trade catalog. (Foto: Mats Linder)

The reason why I started this website is because Norwegian design is under-communicated. There is many reasons why. A major issue is that Norway is a nation producing raw materials, like oil, fish, gas, water energy a.s.o. But Norway mostly export their resources raw, and they are refined abroad.

Last couple of decades young Norwegian designers work more with international manufacturers. So now also intellectual resources is an export trade. We are still not good in promoting our own heritage. And the knowledge about it is bad.

Rosenthal studio-line trade catalog.

In the long term my wish and hope is that we in Norway and other countries will produce and consume more of our own goods at home in the name of sustainability.

Since 2016 there is more than 750 articles published on this website. It have been a funny ride and sometimes a hard journey. But the benefits make all the struggles worth it. So please make a wish. All the best, Mats.

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Lilux Trade catalog.
Ero Stål & Stil trade catalog from ca. 1960.
Fantastic brochures over the INFI-system.
Rare Vestlandske trade catalog.
Big dealers catalog from Rybo mounted in skin.
Three small CADO trade catalogs.
Some nice trade catalogs from Illums bolighus.
Nordisk Andels-Eksport trade catalog.
Small Wilkens brochure.
Two small Akari brochures.
Herman Miller loose leaf trade catalog.
Big Rosenthal Studio-line trade catalog.
Asko trade catalog.
Small Iittala brochure.
Broströms trade catalog.
Two Georg Jensen cutlery brochures.
Two Rauma ryer brochures.
Per Gynt yarn catalog.
Sellgren & Co. rya rug catalog.
Hadeland Glassverk trade catalog from 1968.
Pukeberg trade catalog.
Aluminia trade catalog.